Quit your day job, with little (or no) savings, in just 5-10 short years

If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.
— Lao Tzu

When I first started dreaming the Big Dream. You know, quitting the day job and forging my own way, I always pictured it happening in one, fell swoop of change.

Maybe I’d get fired.

MAYBE I’d play and win the lotto and quit tomorrow, you know?

Who knows, maybe it’d be another random moment of radical change that’d happen TO me in a lightswitch moment and and force me out of the stuckness, so I didn’t actually have to do the work or make a change or create anything new.

Then, I actually created a change, and I realized that to create ANY change meant that I had to take consistent and persistent action in the direction that I wanted to move.

So... It was up to me.

What if I actually had to do the work?

But what if I suck and all my ideas actually suck worse than I suck?

Or what if people I don’t know point and laugh at me and all the things I want to make or become or do or be or have?

OMG. What if I invest in MYSELF and fail and fall and never get up again?

I get it.

The creative struggle is REAL.

I get why so many of us stick to dreaming instead of diving into the actual doing part.

I mean, I REALLY get it. Remember me sharing how stuck I was before, before?

I’m VERY familiar with that fear called “Resistance”—my trusty partner on this creative path or really, the process of starting anything new—ever...

Diving into the dark, deep end of the Great Unknown of Change is freakin’ scary, yo.

It’s also overwhelming because it feels impossible to control.

And I don’t know about you, but I LOVE feeling in control.

So, I didn’t end up diving into the dark, deep end, at all when I finally quit my job... I *waded* in, gradually... With a flashlight...

Which was really just a slightly, glowy concoction made mostly of trust in myself, a little faith that I’d be able to control exactly what I needed to control at exactly the moment I needed to control it, and somehow, with the tiniest dash of courage, it shed enough light for me to take the tiniest of small steps in the new direction I wanted to go...

And then, when I DID, finally quit:

I did NOT have 6 months savings in the bank.


I did NOT know (exactly) what kind of business I was building.


  • Ideas about all the stuff I DID NOT want
  • Ideas about all the stuff I DID want
  • Lists of any resource I could access (besides that 6 months savings, of course)—like my TIME and TALENTS and NETWORKS


  • Plans for how to automagically find 6 months savings!

  • Plans for what I might make or create or do

  • Plans for what I might teach

  • Plans for who I might help and why

I started noticing the CHANGES I wanted to create. I made up personal projects. I brainstormed, I organized, and eventually, I took action create something new.

But I started before I was ready.

I organized before I had answers, and I planned before I knew what I was doing or what I was making.

I started with tiny steps towards the change before I committed to actually making a change.

How about you?

What small step is right in front of you right now?

Do you have any ideas about what you want to change?

Or are you still figuring out if a change is worth the effort to create, at all?