Three clues it was time to create a change

It was around the time I noticed these red flags flapping all up in my b’ness I knew something wasn’t working.

I knew I had to create a change immediately in my life, gradually in my health, and eventually in my job.

1. I was scared (i.e. outraged and bored and frustrated)

2. I was bored (i.e. unmotivated and uninspired and unwilling to change)

3. I was frustrated (i.e. chaotic and cynical and judgmental)

Now, anytime I notice one (or more than one) of those (repeatedly) popping up, I can dig a little deeper and find something—like, a habit or a belief—that I might change to move in a happier or healthier direction...

Sometimes it takes a lot of digging (and doubting) to get down to what it is I want to change.

Here’s how the red flags were flagging me down before I finally figured it out:

The only thing I was really good at changing was the subject (or just leaving the room) if I didn’t like the conversation...

I was always sick and tired, and my days and nights and nights and days all ran together into a blur of boring work and boring meals and boring tv and boring thoughts...

I was spinning my wheels and always “busy”—with busywork and busylife but with no real fire or desire or freedom to make or create or change much of anything at all, unless it was my mind about what I wanted to eat... Soo...

I wasted a lot of time and distracted myself with a lot of things—anything and everything I could find—except for actually making or sharing my ideas....

Taking ANY action would’ve been impossible from where I was, then, buried beneath the boredom and fear and frustration of feeling stuck.

So, I’d numb out, consume more food and consume more media and consume more products and services and other people’s creations, like ALL THE NETFLIX EVER, and I completely avoided looking at what I might actually want to change or create...

It was exhausting being so unmotivated to create.

I hated feeling tired, busy and stuck all the time, but I also felt powerless, at that point, to do anything about it. SO, I accidentally did the kindest thing I could’ve done for myself, at that point...

I stayed stuck and miserable.

No kidding. I was stuck for a long time.

Before I could ever even start the process of change, I had to see and feel the need for it.

“The starting point of all achievement is desire.”
— Napoleon Hill


No plans laid, no steps made until real misery set in. By then, I had no other options except to make a move towards something new.

Once stuckness crossed over into suffering, a change was my only, clear choice.

So, as with everything I’ve ever chosen to change about myself, the first thing I had to find and figure out was what those flappy red flags were telling me about what I really wanted (and why)...

For me, change starts with noticing those clues and understanding what they mean. Then, kinda, sorta, considering the change before finally, actually creating the change.

Before I can DO it, I have to WANT it...

And I have to know what “it” is that I want (and a little Why is always nice, too) ;)

How about you?

Do you know what you DO want instead of whatever sucks for you right now?

What’s your biggest struggle with making your change?

“Desire precedes all change.”
— Tamsen Webster