sometimes we have no idea & No idea where to Start

Here’s the part where I share with you that, once upon a time, I was stuck SO deep in creativE block I thought I’d never have another idea or feel inspired in my work or art or play ever again. 

My creative process was broken, and even worse, it felt like I was broken... 

The parts where I share how (and why) I finally found my way out from the depths of that stuckness and suckness and back to the creative promised lands of play, passion, and productivity are in these things I’ve made for others, like me.

NOW is the time to create something new

We’re living in an incredible time for creativity and creators (which, I wholeheartedly believe is ALL of us), and I think we have tools, resources, and responsibility, like never before, to share our unique perspectives, ideas, products, services, and expertise with each other, to help each other grow, change, and create something new—for ourselves, our communities, and our world.

These are things I wish I’d had to help me get started...

FREE Yo’SELF and find The idea

leverage and momentum for the
uninspired and unmotivated
to make progress and take a step 

Fall in love with the process

processes and resources For the
inspired and motivated
to take action and make their things