creative living since 1976

Mom and me, c. 1976

Mom and me,
c. 1976

Me with my Dad and his barn in the back, c.~2014-ish

Me with my Dad and his barn in the back,

This is what we do. We’re the making ape. And no one is left out of the inheritance of that. That’s our shared human inheritance.
— Elizabeth Gilbert, On Being


At the heart of what I do is my love and appreciation for the creative process, an inclination innate within myself, and I think, in all human people.

I share this crazy notion, with my spiritual sherpa, Elizabeth Gilbert, that we're all creative beings by way of being HUMAN, and we're each the artist of our own life.

I believe that, by each of us using our unique perspectives, experiences, ideas, and talents to create and share things of value, we’ll ultimately create positive change in ourselves, our people, and our world.

Here, I share my own unique perspective and ideas about creativity, courage, and change.

I love creating outside confines of the corporate cubicle and being free to make my own things. Most of all, I love helping others create changes (and things!) of their own.

Oh, hey! You’re still here! 

If we’re still together, here—literally on the same page—then, you’re totally my person, yo.

Pretty sure my people like to read. So... You. Are. WELCOME! ;) Here’s a little more, you fiend...

So, I made this video-thing a couple of years ago, when I was applying for a job (that I’m now VERY happy I didn’t get) over at Book in A Box, and now I’m sharing it here!

Boom. Re-purposed.