Aaron Embrey:  creative living since 1976

Mom and me ;)

Mom and me ;)

Ha, okay, maybe not since Day 1 but preeetty, pretty close!

I was definitely an adventurous and curious kid, a quiet sensitive-type, and a deep thinker—with maybe just a hint o' silliness since I couldn’t (can’t) seem to take things or myself too seriously...

I mean, what are we even doing here? Ha! (heh?) 

Of course, I can’t be sure of the big WHY, but I’ve learned this much about what my personal “Why” is NOT:

  • It’s NOT commuting three hours a day, or
  • Spending (valuable!) creative energy making things I don’t much care about, or
  • Living in a fluorescent cubicle from 9-ish-to-6-ish, presumably until I die...

THat’s no bucket list, friend. That’s a bucket-full o’ NOPE.

It was for me, anyway, and I couldn’t bear another year under the soulsucking fluorescenty glow, ignoring my Why.

So, I decided to make a change, instead of making more of the same ol’ NOPE

I remember being a kid, following my curiosity, and revelling in the joy of creation—with no worries or concerns about labels or critical (mostly inner) critiques or irrational fears of “mistakes”.

Mostly, I remember wanting to help people and make things and share ideas that might make it all a little better or happier or sillier or maybe even a little more beautiful...

THAT's the stuff, Friends, and THAT, feels a lot closer to MY Why.

See, I'd forgotten all about that stuff—for an embarrassingly long time, actually, but after my Dad's passing in 2015, I was reminded of how that path—the one a younger-me might be totally psyched about, but my current-self was terrified to take—THAT path that might actually be a better and happier and sillier and more beautiful use of my time and energy and talents...

It definitely seemed like a better reason for me to wake up and go to work every morning and a better reason for me BE here, period—since, I mean, I AM here, after all, if only for awhile, and now, I decide Why.

Me with my Dad and his barn in the back.

Me with my Dad and his barn in the back.

This is what we do. We’re the making ape. And no one is left out of the inheritance of that. That’s our shared human inheritance.
— Elizabeth Gilbert, On Being


I share the crazy notion, with my creative-sherpa, Elizabeth Gilbert, that we're all innately creative, and we're each the artist of our own life.

I believe that we each can use our unique perspectives, experiences, ideas, and talents to make and share things of value—for ourselves, each other, and this planet, if we choose.

Here, I  choose to share my own unique perspective and ideas about creativity, courage, and change.

I love working free from the confines of cubicles, and living free to make my own things, and helping free other humans and artists to create changes (and things!) of their own.

Oh, hey! You’re still here! 

If we’re still together, here—literally on the same page—you’re totally my person, yo.

My people DO like to read, y’know.

So... You. Are. Welcome! ;)

Here’s a little more, you fiend...

I made this video-thing a coupla years ago when I applied for a job (that I’m glad I didn’t get) at Book in A Box, and now I’m sharing it here!